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Vancouver Headlines: June 22

June 22, 2012 | by  |  Vancouver Headlines

All aboard! A suspicious fire all but destroyed the train station at Stanley Park’s miniature railroad this morning, sending two firefighters to the hospital. They were released shortly afterward with miniature injuries.

A Class Action lawsuit by temporary foreign workers against the Denny’s Restaurant chain has hit some snags: the restaurant, which promised workers permanent residency (in exchange, the lawsuit claims, for ignoring certain basic workers’ rights), has threatened not to back the residency bids of any employee involved.

When all else fails, simply change the definition: the Christy Clark government has declared natural gas a “clean” energy source, in certain areas of B.C.’s north, allowing the government to fulfill its commitment to 93% clean energy sources, while simultaneously allowing for the construction of liquefied natural gas extraction plants in the area. Next on the list of clean sources: coal, diesel, and liquefied human excrement.

Oh yeah, and Jamie Sale is married. Sob.


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