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The Dependent Magazine is an exclusively-online publication based in and focused on the city of Vancouver. Our contributors are local writers, artists and academics, seeking to explore, participate in, and shape the social, cultural, and political identity of our city.

It is our goal to produce daring, creative pieces of journalism and entertainment, held to professional standards of ethics and quality. We aim to avoid the pitfalls of frenzied daily postings and the restrictions of the 24-hour news cycle, opting instead to use all the power of new media to craft high-quality feature content that reflects and explores our city, our province, and our country. It is our intention to engage the minds of our peers, provide an independent, alternative voice, and explore the heights and depths of a city that is finally beginning its transformation from an aesthetic destination to a cultural one.

We look forward to your continued enjoyment. Tell all your friends.


Hugs and Kisses,

Matt, Jesse, and Marcus (The Dependent Team)


  1. I was just reading a little bit about,the dependant its seems o.k

  2. What I like about “The Dependent” is that the content is not dictated by money: e.g. talking heads, government, media. Keep up the good writing! Reminds me of the original days of “The Georgia Straight”!!

  3. Is it true you guys fired everybody?

  4. everybody

  5. Bernadette (Stef's Mum)

    Hi Matt,

    Good luck with your online publication. I was searching for something and came across your website. I remembered Stefan telling me about The Dependent. Searching and finding your first name, I knew I was on your site. All the best,
    Bernadette (SB’s mum)

    PS. I remember D. McLeod –brother of a schoolmate started a small, but highly controversial paper. His brother, Ron, distributed the paper in our school; the vice-principal said no way; we said we would go on strike as this was an infringement of our freedoms of speech. In the end everything got settled and the Georgia Strait went on to become a very well accepted and well known newspaper in Canada.

  6. how about an article on how publishers exploit writers? Dan McLeod still owes me $200 from 1982. I used to pop into their offices at 4th and Burrard but he always saw me from the window and had time to hide. I could never spring up the stairs fast enough.


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