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Vancouver Headlines: June 16

June 16, 2011 | by  |  Vancouver Headlines

Top Headlines from Vancouver and Beyond for June 16, 2011:

Hundreds of morons descended on the downtown core last night, rioting, looting, overturning dozens of vehicles, and sending hundreds of people to the hospital, and even though Jim Chu blames Anarchists for the violence, he fails to mention the thousands of other morons who cheered them on, not to mention the thousands other morons who thought standing on top of an overturned car might make a great Facebook profile picture.

Meanwhile, media around the world seems mighty bemused by the sudden outbreak of violence, many noting that, while Syria riots for freedom, and Libya riots for democracy, Vancouverites riot because a group of well-paid men were unable to put a piece of rubber into the correct coloured area of a group of other well-paid men.

Fearing the inevitable black eye that the violence will give Vancouver on an international level, Gregor Robertson and Christy Clark have been careful to distance ordinary Vancouverites from those involved in the violence, and at the same time, many of those ordinary Vancouverites took to the streets, beginning even before sunrise, to aid in the cleanup effort.


BORED AT WORK BONUS: The Globe and Mail’s Stanley Cup Riot Photo Gallery


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  1. An amazing job of cleaning up after that mess!

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