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Vancouver Headlines: June 13th

June 13, 2012 | by  |  Vancouver Headlines

Still haven’t had enough of reading about the Stanley Cup Riots? You’re in luck, because The Sun has launched a “One Year Later” series, on the off chance they may have missed something.

In the wake of news that local artists are packing up and moving to cheaper climates, the City of Vancouver plans to convert two warehouses – one on Industrial Avenue and another on Kaslo Street – into affordable artist space. This is in addition to six Park Board field houses and the four existing warehouse spaces (already occupied) the city already has.

Council passed a resolution this week allowing for Telus to install three “monopoles” - street fixtures which would act as lampposts, a charging station for electric cars, and also boost WiFi signals – in the West End. The fixtures are based on the Douglas Coupland “V-Pole”, meant to consolidate city services and reduce urban clutter. (The “V” stands for “Vancouver” – blush.)

A woman in Abbotsford pulled over for doing 114km/h in a 50 zone accused the police officer who pulled her over of targeting blondes. The Dependent demands a full and public inquiry.


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