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July 28, 2012 | by  |  This Day In Vancouver


At 9:45, in the skies above their Inglewood Avenue home, a Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of West Vancouver catch sight of  a flying saucer.

The object, described as “round”, and “very bright, larger than a dime (at arm’s length)”, in a report made to the Vancouver Flying Saucer Club (the city’s source for all things extraterrestrial), is observed for more than 15 minutes, travelling across the sky at great speed. Other details are spotty, but the object (seen by four other witnesses, according to the report) also gives off a bright white light.

1957 has been- and will continue to be an unusual year for UFO sightings, with “two luminous, rose-coloured saucers” sighted by Mrs. Frank Irene Sirianni on Broughton Street in April (according to the Flying Saucer Index), as well as the observation of a “bright light in the sky” in New Westminster in September. “Was watching a quite spectacular aurora display,” the New Westminster report states, “when attention suddenly drawn by appearance of bright light in sky.  It travelled in a perfectly flat trajectory, then suddenly vanished as the flicking off of a light.”


IMAGE: UFO, sighted by Leonard Lamoureux over Vancouver City Hall, circa 1937. Subsequent examination by UFO Experts have questioned whether it is in fact a flying saucer, or simply a watermark defect on the negative.


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