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Bad Fate

September 16, 2011 | by  |  Music

“With an underground space,” explains C.A. Chux, guitarist and co-vocalist for local indie rockers Bad Fate, “It’s always going to be all-ages, all-genders and all-races. The idea is to always play places that are going to be welcoming to the music community and not be alienating in any way. A lot of bars and venues kind of have a strict scene built into them, and that tends to alienate a lot of people.”

Which is part of the reason Chux, guitarists K.D. Klang and Dan Large, bassist and singer Liza Lizard and drummer Cuisse de Nymphs have chosen to hold their release party and van fundraiser at the Toast Collective, a Do-It-Yourself venue that gives back to the community. The Toast collective is one of the many underground venues popping up – and often being shut down – that function as community spaces as well as concert halls.

“They do bike workshops as well, and movie nights, and community events like that,” Chux tells me. And planning your own show at a do-it-yourself venue gives bands a whole new level of creative control.

“I like the idea of playing something that’s just a DIY space that you can just enter it and tailor it to your needs. As far as lighting and sound goes, you kind of have full rein, so you can really make it into something special if you want to.”

“I like playing shows at venues like the Biltmore, but really they’re there as a money maker,” says Cuisse de Nymphs. “So if we can help out a guy who’s wanting to support the community, then awesome!”

The community aspect of music is clearly important to Bad Fate. Playing in a band, watching others perform, listening to a record – these are opportunities to strengthen existing relationships or build new ones, Cuisse explains.

“Most of my friends – everyone here – I know through playing music. We all support each other, and help each other out, for the right reasons.”

Image Credit: Matt Chambers


And while Cuisse says that Bad Fate’s experience with Vancouver’s music community has been “extremely positive,” there are obstacles. Vancouver’s music scene can be extraordinarily competitive, with hundreds of bands competing for a handful of gigs every week.

“People tell us, ‘The music scene is quite competitive and you don’t want to let a band get a step up on you.’ It’s a totally different experience from what we’re used to.”

So instead of competing with other musicians who could instead be friends, collaborators, or inspirations, Bad Fate have made a conscious effort to be cooperative and open-minded.

“There are a lot of pretty supportive scenes in Vancouver, explains Chux. “Any scene tends to be extremely supportive within the community but really quite insular. I think one goal as a musician and as a band is to try to bridge some of these gaps, and to support all of the communities that are really supportive of their own members and try to combine them in some way. I think part of what Peter’s doing with putting out our record is an example of that, cause he’s sort of known in the noise community, and to take on this, it shows some of the similarities and differences between our scenes.”

“It’s two new songs (“Lung” and “Between the Corners”) that we recorded with Tom Prislewski, and it’s put out by The Broadway to Boundary, which this fellow Peter basically runs as a label,” explains Chux. “He’s put out some good noise stuff in the past and he’s sort of branching out with our record a little bit.”

The 7” has been in the works for a long time, though there is a brief discussion as to exactly how long. Chux tells me that they recorded the songs in October of last year, and then handed the tracks over for post-production.

“We were just waiting on label stuff,” says Chux. “It’s basically Peter and his girlfriend running the label,” he tells me, “and he was working on 2 or 3 other projects at the same time and he wanted to stagger the release dates.”

That’s often the pattern for indie bands on small, DIY labels. With limited resources – both financially and personnel-wise – labels have to publish what they can, when they can, and that sometimes translates to long waits for bands looking to get their music released. Not that the wait seems to faze the members of Bad Fate.

“I think on some levels, we do it for friendship first, music second,” Cuisse de Nymphs explains. “Going on the road is a really exciting thing for us to do, and being in a band that enables us do that is awesome. If people buy our records, great, but I mean, we’re not looking to play the Roxy or sell out the Commodore or whatever. It’s about playing music well, and playing good music.”

Bad Fate’s 7” Release Party and Van Fundraiser is Saturday, September 15th, at 8 pm. Opening for Bad Fate will be Apollo Ghosts, Actual Babes and Korean Gut, three local bands with reputations for phenomenal live shows. Admission is from $5-10 on a pay what you can scale, so grab a friend or two (regardless of which scene they might identify with) and head down to the Toast Collective at 648 Kingsway.

Image Credit: Matt Chambers





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