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September 22, 2011 | by  |  Lifestyle and Culture, Photo Journals

Located above the 9th floor of the Library Square Building, the Greenroof at the Vancouver Public Library is accessible only with a special escort. Access is only possible after a lengthy and confusing journey across a walkway, up an elevator, through offices specially leased by the Federal Government, and finally, through a metal trapdoor. The roof garden itself, infrequently viewed by the public, consists of blue and green fescues, the kinnikinnick (a plant native to B.C.), and the trees on either side are planted in less than two feet of soil. The garden itself requires only low-intensity irrigation, and no fertilization or trimming.The garden itself was designed by noted landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander, and the design, when viewed from above, is meant to evoke thoughts of the Fraser River flowing through the mountains. The roof itself is part of a growing Eco-Roof movement common across Europe, and has been featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Though public access is currently impossible, there are unconfirmed rumours circulating that all or part of the garden will one day become a public amenity, once the Federal government lease on floors 7 and 8 of the Library building expires in 2015. These rentals currently generate nearly a million dollars in annual revenue for the library.


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  1. Beautiful autumn colors.

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