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LOSERS: Photos from the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot

June 16, 2011 | by  |  Events

Pictures from the Vancouver 2011 Stanley Cup Riot


Images by Liam Hanham, Jesse Donaldson, and Matt Chambers



  1. I’m absolutely disgusted with Vancouver right now. You’ve brought shame to all of Canada. You people don’t even deserve to have a hockey team. You’re clearly not responsible enough to handle one.

  2. Rabba, clearly you do not know what Vancouver or Vancouverites are all about – there are thousands of people heading to the downtown core this morning to help clean up after a group of thugs from out of town came in to do nothing but cause trouble! As a Vancouverite, I am disgusted at what happened last night, as all Vancouverites are! Throughout the entire series there were many nights of family fun in the city – don’t condemn the masses for a few absolute idiots! Hockey fans don’t come to the game with mollotoff cocktails, rocks and black bandanna’s in their backpacks! The truth will come to the surface as these thugs are arrested! And thru modern technology, none will go un-punished!

  3. This would’ve happened if we had won too. Don’t kid yourself – these people came to a hockey game with balaklava’s, face masks and molotov cocktails in their backpacks. Not hockey fans.

  4. Agreed Denise! This is not what Vancouver is about. Thanks to some Surrey gangters we get abad reputation. 99.99% of the fans out last night were respectful and still support the Canucks. Rabba should do her research on the subject before she speaks!!

  5. Don’t mention that these people were Surrey gangsters. That’s just being pin-headed These predominantly were young men and some stupid girls aged 15-27 from all over the lower mainland. Win or lose we would have had problems, because most of these idiots were there for only one reason to create havoc. But to pin the blame on people from another Suburban city close to yours in the GVRD is shameful as well.

    We had no problems in Surrey or Langley last night. Scott 72nd Surrey Center and Langley Civic were all okay.

  6. Wow. All of the comments above are ridiculous.

    To say it was a group of thugs is an understatement. There were hundreds if not thousands of people there. Yes, I agree that some people came to riot, but there were also real true Canucks fans who got caught up in the gang mentality, got drunk and joined in the looting/rioting.

    And for the people who were just “watching”, they’re just as responsible because their presence fueled the rioting and made it difficult for the police to control the situation. If they had gone home right after the game instead of spectating, the police could have arrested the “group of thugs” before it got dark and ended the whole riot. Don’t play innocent.

    And to blame it on Surrey people? I mean really Amy, you are clearly an uneducated idiot or a racist. Pick one. There is absolutely no way you can back up your statement with hard facts, next time you post, think before typing.

  7. One of the most fitting punishments for these immature people is that they will have to live with the remembrance of what they did to Vancouver and to its people for the rest of their lives.

    For shame.

  8. Amy, I respect that Surrey may not be the shining example of civility but I’ve been a resident all my life and I’m shocked and appalled at all the vitriol that’s been thrown our way today. Don’t make us a straw man, I accept that some of our residents had a hand in these riots but our crime rate has been on a steady decline since 2003 and we’re making real strides to improve our city center. Attitudes like yours are holding us back and it makes you sound prejudiced and hateful.

    Rant over.

  9. These were not all Vancoouverites.
    Hockey is loved throughout Canada, so it doesn’t have to all be people from the lower mainland that started the riot. It’s really air-headed to pinpoint all this on certain areas. Alot of Vancouverites were trying to PROTECT their city, despite being outnumbered by complete hooligans. There was a man who was trying to defend a store, and he got pulled in to the crowd and was beat up. That is an example of somebody who loves his city, and the slutwagons that destroyed everything clearly did not. I spent those hours worrying about the friends and family I had that went downtown. I agree that the behaviour in Vancouver was just nasty, and I, being from Vancouver, am ashamed and completely embarrassed. A real hockey fan would have congratulated Boston on their win, and hoped for a better turn out next year. The better team won.
    I wonder how the two hockey teams feel about this.

  10. I never thought I would say I was ashamed to live in Vancouver. What happened last night was just ludacris. I’m embarrassed by the behaviour of the attention whores that destroyed the city and the idiots who cheered them on.
    What people should be proud of, however, is the amount of people who just tried to get the fuck out of there, the people who have gone downtown to help clean up, the people who tried to defend the city that they loved, and the responsible people who post the pictures that they have taken to help get the lunatics in control.
    It’s really stupid to blame this behavior on just one place, though. People could have come from anywhere. The riot happened in Vancouver because that IS where the game was. The people who tried to protect Vancouver from the raging mobs of immature slutwagons should be proud for fighting for their beloved city, even though most were hospitalized. They loved Vancouver, and the hooligans who raged for three hours clearly did not. They should all be ashamed of their behavior, whether they were sober or not.

  11. Please submit any photos identifying individuals to the police. Let’s catch these people ASAP.

  12. They look like a bunch of stupid young guys.
    For gods sake, don’t exaggerate the bad day.
    It happens in all big cities. If the mayor and the chief of police were as smart as a mouse, they could control the crowd and limit the population.
    Shame on them as well as the stupid young people who don’t have any job or school work.

  13. Frank from the Army

    So Van lost, that justifies destroying someones car that probably did not think it would happen. Does that man or woman deserve to have their car destroyed? What about all of the other damage? What about the stabbings? (rumours in my neighbourhood) I can only imagine what happened if they won.

    The part of Canada I am from, if people have pictures of people actively vandalizing private cars, police cars, private property….it gets put on the internet and most of the time those (insert expletive)’s get caught and get what they deserve.

    Such a shame to see such savagery…….JUNK!!!!!!

  14. The rioters did appear to be made up of bridge and tunnel people, as opposed to residents of Vancouver. They should have closed the skytrains, not the liquor stores.

  15. I would find it hard to belive that all of these riot people were from ” out of town” come on!

  16. First of all I would like to say that I’m from Surrey and I was there last nite at Shark Club watching the game. I was really upset last night when the Canucks lost. But that did not make me want to go out there and get all crazy. I think the people that did all the crazy stuff are not true fans because as a true fan the lost takes alot out of you and all you want to do is just sit there and figure out where we went wrong in the series instead of rioting and stealing. Those people should be accountable for their actions.

  17. I have to say, as a Vancouverite and Canucks Fan that I’m mostly hurt by all these accusations that this is what Vancouver is about. Many of the people that were arrested Wednesday night were from Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, and Portland. Many of them had criminal records and were also a part of a group of anarchists who were also responsible for the riots at the G8 summit in Toronto. Sure, some Vancouverites were also responsible for participating in the riots (and should be completely ashamed of themselves) it was the true fans, and true Vancouver citizens that came out yesterday to help clean up our beautiful city.

  18. This is for Amy. Don’t blame this to Surrey people because they have nothing to do with this &%$#@ riot. Don’t be a %$#@ races you stupid idiot!

  19. cool

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