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Top Moments in Occupy Vancouver Minute-Taking

November 30, 2011 | by  |  The BLAHG

The General Assembly is the hyper-inclusive decision-making body for the Occupy movement. Presented below is a selection of unedited excerpts from Occupy Vancouver’s General Assembly meeting minutes.

Food Not Bombs: “I need people to volunteer to come pick 20,000-30,000 carrots in Chilliwack in the near future. It’s going to go to waste if no one comes to pick this. There’s broccoli and cabbage, if you don’t like carrots. Come to the Food Tent tonight and come talk to us!”

“Just a quick bit I’d like to share. Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. Thank you.”

“Can we also acknowledge that media has not been trustworthy and does not have integrity. They may put a biased spin on the story. We should acknowledge that the media taints things.”

“We need a new cell phone for the Information Tent, the last one was stolen.”

“MC to be honest I have no idea what to do next. Right now we are not even talking about issues. The issue is from what I understand that I am white and male and am trying to talk about committee updates. I don’t know what to do.”

GA Vote: “Those in favour of a moritorum of white males?”
More than 10% opposed. postpone decision until next GA

No weapons shall be used against anyone within the community of Occupy Vancouver, this does not include the Police.

As a camp, whoever we see on the grounds, we love them, whether it’s a fellow neighbour or policeman.

“If you want to be involved this weekend, rather than locking arms, it’s been suggested that you zip tie your arms or wrists together. That way you can not be violent at all.”

2:19 Request for something to do with audibility and mic usage, inaudible.

-Proposal stating that First Nations representatives want us to fund the sacred fire by paying $300 a week towards buying .alderwood to be used as firewood (the only kind of wood that is acceptable to use for this purpose).
CONSENSUS NOT REACHED, QUORUM WAS NOT ATTAINED (from the crowd that was gathered, a small number voted “yes”, and a small number (including myself, the minute-taker) voted “no”)

“I feel like at this point of transition we need to have other ways of getting to know each other other than the GA. I propose we rent a hall for one night, find a free DJ, maybe a free band, get a liquor license, party like crazy, dance, and have some fun. Talk to each other, have some group hugs. Thank you.”

Respect Committee – For funding our Elders here. We acknowledge we are on unceded Coast Salish territory and appreciate their guidance here. We suggest $50 for each of the Elders to help with the car troubles recently. The alternative will be to establish a separate donation box to subsidize transportation costs for First Nation Elders which will be run through the Indigenous Outreach Committee. Tomorrow at 5:30pm we will be discussing this at the black tent.

Finance Committee:  ”I know we have just over $11,000 in our bank plus $4,000 in PayPal.”

“The finances might not be a problem we need to solve. I have heard of a person in Mexico that has built an island out of recyclable things. He has a farm on this island. Apparently it’s big and it’s built out of garbage. I believe we can do the same thing here so long as we are not infringing on any boating bylaws. Thank you.”

 [Editor's note: Amazing.]

To peruse the minutes yourself head on over to the Occupy Vancouver website. Minutes prior to November 9 can be found on the Old Occupy Vancouver website.
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