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One Person’s Vandalism

February 1, 2011 | by  |  Art, Features

A visual examination of Vancouver’s legal street art program.

Editor’s Note: Yes, I’m aware the apostrophe is missing in the title – it’s a display bug. Thanks to all who wrote in…



  1. Really, really cool

  2. definitely. i could look at graffiti all day.

  3. interesting and well executed feature.
    the only thing lacking, in my bias opinion, is a representation of the illegal GRAFFITI side of things.
    street art and murals are nice and all, and i have the utmost respect for the broods,
    but there are people putting in work that aren’t in the grey area of acceptability;
    the nasty no-good ‘vandals’ and ‘taggers’.
    keep up the work dependent mag!


  4. Legal street art program?

  5. Suhhhh, this really made me wanna cap a mural.

  6. “you put up a mural – you have an expensive fix”

  7. Thizzelle Washington

    Go Reefer, it’s your birfday.

  8. learn your history or
    go home
    this is our city

  9. This was a cool video… Most interesting is how structured society fails at mimicking graffiti/street art. That there are subtleties that will never be reproduced legally.

    I was also glad you made note of the mutual respect amongst illegal artists.

    Vancouver has a very lame stance on art period, but most apparent in their efforts to thwart street art.

  10. yea im so happy I got ups in this vid…more ups for me makes me the king that I am.—->king of vic..soon to be king of van—> peace out all you toys

  11. I thought this was an interesting piece.

    Its interesting to see within the last 20 years, a decleration of disobedience for public space being converted into private space. So as a result, for graffiti artists to then go and reclaim those areas as public areas is great. Same thing goes for parkour, and many other acts of space transformation.

    This idea of intellectual properties isn’t new. That being said, it’s another thing entirely to create an IP out of public space and area. So I think it’s great to reward and commend people who go out there to reclaim what’s rightfully the property of the public.

    Just don’t be my friend and say that you’re starting up a company doing this :P I don’t think his profits are very high at the moment!

  12. Editors’ Note: Comment removed. We have no comment policy, but if we did this one would violate it.

  13. could someone delete the snitches comment ^^^

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