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Sensory Assault: Olympic Victory

March 1, 2010 | by  |  Features, The BLAHG

Photo credits: Liam Hanham

For those of you with big screens, I highly recommend clicking through the thumbnails for hi-res, uncropped images.

The Street Party

Olympic Ground Zero, aka, Granville and Robson erupted in celebration with Canada’s 3-2 overtime win over the U.S. in Olympic Men’s Hockey:

The Nervous Police

The police presence was thick, with a lone officer stationed on the rooftop below us as we snapped photos and video. He watched the surging crowd nervously as drunken revelers piled onto lampposts to wave their flags. When an international film crew joined Liam and I he came up the stairs and asked us to leave. The reaction to my camera was a little more aggressive than I had anticipated. Apparently he was expecting the festivities to get out of hand:

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  1. Outstanding…Posted over at my place.

    That video of the crowd at Robson and Granville is great. That is what wall to wall people look like.

  2. Snap show.

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