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The Grand Marche

May 24, 2012 | by  |  By the Numbers

According to numbers obtained by the National Post, Quebec’s university students enjoy the lowest average tuition fees in the country, at $2,519 per year. B.C., by contrast, boasts average tuition fees of $4,852 per year, with the fees for individual faculties such as Dentistry, Engineering, and Medicine being up to five times higher than that of their francophone counterparts. Quebec also enjoys a university education that is subsidized by the government to the tune of 70% (in B.C., this number is 58%).


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  1. a) so what. I mean, literally: and?
    b) you do not change a social contract that was established over 40 years ago during the most important social movement in the nation’s history (c.f. quiet revolution) without a mandate and at the end of your term. That’s not democracy.

    It’s like if Harper all of a sudden started talking about taking healthcare offline: would you care what pro arguments anyone brought forward? He wasn’t elected on that platform.


    - democracy is: holding elections, and keeping mandates.
    - democracy isn’t: doing what a bunch of people really want right this instant even if it’s outside the regular channels

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