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Vancouver Headlines: June 24th

June 23, 2011 | by  |  Vancouver Headlines

Top headlines from Vancouver and beyond for June 24 2011:

Despite being forced to step down as leader after a caucus revolt, Carole James says she’ll be seeking nomination to run in Victoria-Beacon Hill under the banner of the NDP.

Meanwhile, election rumours abound, as both major parties in B.C. have asked their staffers to finish vacations by mid-August, hinting at an election as early as September.

In a move that’s sure to polarize the province, a U.S. District Attorney in Santa Barbara California has filed an extradition request for Randy and Evi Quaid, who are seeking asylum in Vancouver after feeling a group of celebrity killers they refer to as “StarWhackers”.

The abundance of photoshopped images of Vancouver rioters raises questions about the use of user-contributed digital photographs for identifying criminals, and casts further doubt on the purpose of online shaming sites.

Talks between Canada Post and the locked-out Canadian Union of Postal Workers have broken off. The NDP says it will use “every trick in the book” to delay the passage of back-to-work legislation currently being rushed the house by the federal Conservatives.

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