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Vancouver Headlines: April 27th

April 27, 2012 | by  |  Vancouver Headlines

The Georgia Straight dedicates four of its last ten online articles to Justice…the band.

Rod Mickleburgh over at The Globe laments the death of the picket line, and in the next breath offers up an apt sailing analogy for the ever-changing direction of Captain Christy Clark: “There’s a small tack to the left.… Now, she’s veering towards the centre.… A stiff wind from the polls is coming up, and the Premier responds with a hard tack to the right.…” Now who said The Globe wasn’t hip?

Eight B.C. mayors have joined the growing chorus calling for regulation and taxation of marijuana, CBC reports. Mayors from Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Lake Country and Metchosin have penned a letter to B.C. politicians calling the prohibition of pot a failed policy.

Dust is the prime suspect in the recent Prince George sawmill explosion, which saw two workers killed and dozens injured, The Sun reports. Particulate from dry, beetle-killed timbre is believed to be a factor in the Lakeland Mills explosion, as well as a similar blast that killed two workers in nearby Burns Lake.

“Sky Wishes is a baby miniature horse. She is one day old. And she’s wearing a horse sweater while taking her first steps outside,” Postmedia coos, reminding us of the age-old adage in journalism: four legs good. B.C. miniature horse rescue facility likely only one in Canada. Now that’s a headline.

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