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Olympic Demographics

February 23, 2010 | by  |  The BLAHG

Strangers hugging in the streets, spontaneous hockey games and dance parties erupting on Granville, conversation on the bus, eye contact on the sidewalks, and lighter burdens all around.

The city feels… Alive.

And I wonder, will it all just walk out the door come February 28th? Is it the throngs of international visitors we were promised making all that noise? A wave of Yankee invaders, perhaps?

Yesterday I set out, notebook in hand, and asked over 1,000 people in the thick crowds around Granville and Robson: “Where are you from?”

Their answers pleased me.

Visitors by City

Cities with more than 5 recorded visitors

Visitors by Province / State

Visitors by Country

Visitors by Continent

Matt Chambers is the editor and publisher of The Dependent Magazine. He's in way over his head.



  1. I guess this is what “pounding the pavement” means.

  2. It was actually a lot of fun — at some points I had people lining up to answer.

  3. Very cool.

    And a question I have not seen asked in legacy media.

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