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Holy Birthday Blur, Batman

April 5, 2010 | by  |  The BLAHG

So many birthdays.

I was at Boneta on Friday for an Old Fashioned or three on my birthday. Then, to the Alibi Room, where I drank cask ale as a party behind me also celebrated a birthday. Saturday, it was the Irish Heather for a friend’s party, and finally a family dinner on Sunday, where my glorious entrance into the world was overshadowed by that of my aunt.

All this bouncing from bar to bar and dinner to dinner got me wondering: what the hell is going on in April that’s got so many people having babies?

The clever and infant-obsessed girlfriend pointed out to me that August is actually the month of stork and diaper, but I had already consumed two glasses of wine and so I disagreed, loudly, and to the point that my elderly aunt asked me not to make a scene.

I obliged, but made a mental note to look it up, so that if I was right, I could throw it back in their faces, and if I was wrong, I could ensure it was never brought up again.

% of births in B.C. by month, averaged over the last 10 years (Statistics Canada)

Looking at the graph, I realized how foolish it was to be arguing over such trifling matters, especially considering that the original question was so backwards and upside-down.

Some quick math applied to births by month in B.C. in 2007 and we arrive at the heart of the matter:

Cases of confirmed unprotected vaginal sex in B.C. by month, 2006 - 2007 (Statistics Canada)

Matt Chambers is the editor and publisher of The Dependent Magazine. He's in way over his head.


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  1. Now which Aunt was I? The elderly Aunt or just the plain Aunt ???? Happy Birthday

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